Domain Authority and Page Authority(DA and PA)

How to Improve your Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Maybe you have heard many times about Domain Authority and PAGE Authority, it is a common term in the SEO world. Domain Authority refers to a score that indicates the likelihood that pages on a website will rank in SERP. We measure it, from 1 to 100. It is a gift by Moz to the world. While we measure the PageRank score from 1 to 10, if you expect the drive more traffic on your website attract real links, as well as this strategy, will help improve both your Domain Authority and your rankings. Recently, Moz has invested lots of time, money and research into a new and improved Authority.

First of all, the question arises in mind what is the purpose of increasing DA and why you want?

Domain Authority has a positive image that indicates success, but it does not drive success. Do you know? Google does not directly influence your ranking because it does not use DA.

There is a lot of confusion that can take place in your mind. However, if someone asks me about it, I would say that DA refers to an indicator of aggregate link equity. If a website has a high DA, it is better than a low DA website, but high DA does not mean ending your goal.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Do you know Google does not rank websites, Google ranks only webpages?

What’s a good Domain Authority?

It’s a common question; everybody wants to know what high domain authority is? The answer is “it depends.” Let understand it with an example. What score is defendable in sports? If I say 40, is 40 a good score?¬† It depends on sports. Even every page is a competitor; no one ranks in a vacuum.

If you are one of them who is searching for the shortcut to improve your Domain Authority, I would like to guide you that there are no magical secrets to improving the DA, but there are main points:

If your DA is low, make an effort to raise it fast. Suppose your DA is 30 it is not much higher than a DA of 20, but it may take long years to reach from 70 to 80.

By using well-optimized On-Page SEO, you can improve your DA and PA

  1. Optimized titles and descriptions
  2. Proper use of headings tags within your site content
  3. Make SEO friendly URL structure
  4. SEO optimized your website images
  5. Use appropriate keywords in your content
  6. Add internal links to your content
  7. Update your website time to time

The quality of the content plays a crucial role in improving the ranking factor, that why keep your content fresh and up to date.

Off-Page Strategy: Remove bad links from your profile, by using the Moz Explorer or Semrush, find out the toxic links.

Make strong profile links on websites that have higher DA and PA, link building on high DA and PA websites is a good SEO tactic to improve the DA.

Some other techniques that can give a boost in DA&

Providing contributor quotes

Contributing to round-ups

Providing testimonials

Pitching articles to the media

Submitting to directories

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