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A Brief Introduction about some Free and Paid Video Editing Tools

According to one survey, people give priority to videos rather than text messages. One report of HubSpot says that more than 78% of people watch online videos every week and 55% view online videos in a single day that impressive.

If you are not connecting with your potential audience by showing up through video, might something going to be wrong with you and your competitor is ready to replace you? If you are still not conscious about the video route importance for your business marketing, maybe you could not reach more potential customers. To avoid this kind of issue, you and your team members need to produce great videos. Taking outsource service may be expensive while you always need to bring quality videos.

It is good news, video editing tools are not limited to professional video teams only, by using the correct video editing tool, and you can create the quality pro-looking videos in the home without wasting a lot of your precious time or budget. There is a wide range of free and paid video editing tools are available based on the price and features.

Video Editor: A key element

Although, video editing software refers to a piece of software that will support you take raw video footage and turn it into an attention-grabbing video story. Every video editor tool has own features and workflows that make different to another. Some video editor’s offer perfectly aligns with how you desire your videos to look like, while others may be forced and unaligned with the look and feel of your brand.

The video editing tool features you must notice

Before buying any video editing tool makes sure that you will be able to create a video that your audience appreciates your deed.

Add text to video

By adding subtitles to a conversation, a voice-over, more control over the fonts, colors, and effects for the text in your video can increase the time your viewers.

Scene transitions

To make a more effective, video editing tool facilitates you to customize where your scenes start and end as well as you can add an effect between two scenes. If you want to grab the viewer’s attention, the transition feature can play a crucial role in the opening and closing of your video. You get a result in the form of more subscribers on your video channel.

Enable to change the aspect ratio

As we know the video dimension varies across social channels, Instagram is dominated by the vertical videos while YouTube prefers horizontal video. Without creating a new video, you can optimize your video for the specific requirements of each video platform.

Adding sound effect in the background

Most video editor tools provide the facility by adding the right type of background music and sounds that make more effective and entertain a video.

Some popular video editors

When you will search for a video editor on Google, you will find millions of results. To save your precious time, I am going to be sharing some most popular video editing tools with you guys that available online and downloadable.

1) Filmora

Type: Available for Mac and Windows

Cost Price: It is a free tool with watermark, starting at $44.99 for all features and no watermark

Characteristics: Audio mixer, screen recording, video stabilization

Filmora is in-built with special effects, graphics, emojis and many more.

2) iMovie

Type: Available for Mac (plus the iMovie iOS mobile app)

Cost Price: Free

Characteristics: Animated titles, built-in music, and sound effects, filters

You can add sound effects and music, titles and export in top quality.

3) Kizoa

Type: Online (plus the KizoaiOS mobile app)

Cost Price: Free with limited length and resolution, starting at $29.99 for lifetime premium membership

Characteristics: Special effects and transitions, themed templates and collages

  1. with some limited features, starting at $39 month for additional features)
  2. WeVideo(Free with some limited features, starting at only $4.99 month for additional features)
  3. Moovly(Free with limited features, starting at $24 month for additional features)
  4. Adobe Premiere(Paid video tool starting at $20 month)
  5. Hippo Video(Free with some limited features)
  6. Wideo(Paid tool starting at $19 month but free trial available)

However, there are so many free and paid tools are available, choosing the best one depends on your requirement.







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