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Twitter Account Suspended? 2 Steps to Restore your Twitter account!

Twitter has suspended over 70 million accounts in a few months to get rid of spammy and automated accounts. Is your Twitter account suspended too?

First of all, don’t panic because the suspension of the Twitter account is different from a ban. The suspension means that you still have a high chance of recovering your lost account.

Secondly, sit back for a minute and think of your last few Twitter activities. Have you been unfollowing lot of Twitter accounts? Or has your Twitter automation sent out way too many tweets to be caught by Twitter?

Last and most important point to consider is, are you sure your Twitter account has been banned?

If you’ve received an email from saying that your Twitter account has been banned, don’t worry at all. It’s a spam and you can just ignore it. Here’s more information on receiving fake Twitter emails.

Twitter account suspension

In such a situation, don’t reply to the email and simply log in to your account and check if your account has actually been suspended or not!

It’s important to understand that there’s no human regulating your Twitter accounts. If Twitter’s automated bot checks that your account is violating any Twitter rules, it temporarily suspends your account!

These bots could sometime ban a genuine Twitter account. Twitter then gives you a good chance to recover your account.

So, here are a few step-by-step ways to restore your suspended Twitter account:

  1. Unsuspend Twitter account on your own:

If Twitter thinks that your account has been compromised, you can unsuspend your own account with the correct authentication.

Twitter will ask for your phone number or email to validate your account when you try to log in. They will also show a message saying that your account has been locked for security purposes.

Confirm with your correct phone number or email and follow the instructions provided by Twitter to unsuspend your account.

  1. Appeal for a Twitter suspended account:

If Twitter doesn’t give you an option to verify your account with your phone number or email, then it means Twitter has found you violating the Twitter rules.

In such a situation, it’s best to submit an appeal to unlock your account.

Twitter account suspension

Select suspended account from the dropdown on the issue.

In the description, explain the authenticity of your account.

For example, you can add a description like:

I have been attempting to grow my Twitter account within the boundaries of Twitter. I have also been noting down that I do not follow or unfollow profiles in bulk. I was careful of my content and made sure that my tweets do not hurt or spam anyone. However, my Twitter account has been suspended and I’m not sure what went wrong. My Twitter account is very important for my business and I would be grateful if you could restore it at the earliest.

Don’t forget to add your Twitter username and other information in the form. This will help Twitter authenticate your account and contact you.

Twitter replies within 5-7 days and that’s when you would learn on what caused your account suspension.

Once your Twitter is restored, make sure to limit your account within Twitter rules.

Twitter is going to get more and more stringent with their anti-spam policies, and it’s best to stay out of it. But, if you keep violating the rules, Twitter can permanently suspend you and then nothing would be helpful

To sum it up:

I am sure you would be able to restore your suspended Twitter account if you’re patient and just submit an appeal. I would like to know your comments on the issues you faced with your suspended Twitter account and how it worked out for you.

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