100 SEO Tips for Getting Top Rank in SERPs

Most Important SEO Tips

1-  Select a Unique Domain Name

Before buy a domain name you should search a unique domain name and then buy it. You should pick an exact domain. EMD give us many benefits in SEO.

2Use Country and Top Level Domain Extension

If you want to get higher rank of your website in any particular country, you should buy a domain according to country extension.

Example: – If you want to rank your website only in India then you should buy .in (TLD). If you want to rank your website globally then you should buy .com (TLD)

3- Use Keyword in your wbpage Title Tags

After content, title tag is the second most important part of a SEO friendly webpage. It helps to search engines boat what about your webpage.

You always keep in mind and use keywords in Title Tags of your every web pages.

4-  Front Load Title Tags with Keyword

According to SEO Tools Moz data, which web pages having Title Tags starting with keywords perform better than those with keywords at the end of Title Tags?

5- Use Keywords in Meta Descriptions

It is very important for getting fast ranking that always uses keywords in Meta descriptions. It helps Search Engine to know what the pages are about. You should also add a call-to-action in Meta descriptions of your website.

6- Always Use Keyword in h1 Tag

After a Page Title tag, h1 tag plays a most important role in sending relevancy data to search engines. According to an SEO friendly web pages, using a keyword in h1 tag very helpful in SEO. So you should never avoid using a keyword in h1 tag on a webpage.

7- Check Keyword Density

Keyword density remains an important part of good SEO it’s still matters in every web pages. You should include the main keyword and other key phrases 1 to 3 percent your web page content.

8- Use LSI Keywords in web page Content

According to a SEO Trends, long tail keywords help us to increased website traffic and also converted 2.5 times better than head terms. So, you should start using LSI keywords in your site content.

9- Never use duplicate content

If you use duplicate content in your website pages, this is negative point for ranking. You should never use duplicate content in your site pages.

10- SEO-friendly URL structures

Search Engine Journal explain deeply about SEO-friendly URL structures it’s help to increase search engine visibility of our website. Always keep in mind and make sure your website page has SEO-friendly URL structures.

11- Optimize You Site Images

In part of On Page SEO cannot be completed without image optimization. You should optimize the size of your images and also optimize Metadata (Image Alt Tag). Keep in mind image name, alt text, title, description, and caption help us rank your sites images in Google image.

12- Use Fresh Content frequently

Google always give first priority for fresh content that answer of searchers’ queries. You should add a fresh content, its help to improving Search Engine Rank. You should update your site content time to time.

13- Use Keyword in First Paragraph

Always use main keyword in the first 100 words in page content is a strong relevancy signal to search engine about your site information. It’s also help to optimize your site content.

14- Do Properly Internal Linking

Do right internal linking in your sites page it’s help to Google understands the relevancy of web pages, the relationship between pages and the value of pages. It is important that pages are interlinked to your website pages should be high domain authority (DA).

16- Do High-Authority Outbound Links

Linking out with high-authority websites its help us to send trust signals to search engine, which helping us to rank a web page better.

17- Fix Errors of Grammar and Spelling

Everyone not likes reading anything written wrongly, nor does Google. Before publish your site content check grammatical and spelling errors on your web pages.

18- Write Readability Content

You should write web page content in simple word and simple English for increasing readability of your content. It’s help to connect more people with your site content.

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