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A content management system (CMS) is web-based software that allows you to build content management  websites, like blogs, portal and  eCommerce websites using frontend (PHP,Javascript,CSS,HTML etc) and Backend (Mysql for Storage Information in Database )

A CMS is a must-have  adding content to your website daily basis . It allows you to maintain whole websites without having to knowledge of technical understanding and technologies.

We’ve taken a look at more than 30 of the most popular CMS platforms to find the best Solution of dynamic Websites

Which is the best CMS for websites?

The goal of any web CMS is to present content to a website audience. Most CMS have a back end (admin-facing) and a front end (user-facing). The back end is where you add and manage content, adjust the website’s appearance, and expand functionality. The front end is what your audience seen when they visit the site.

Some CMS, called a “headless” CMS, forgo the front end in favor of providing an API that feeds content into an existing website. These require considerably more expertise to set up since you often need to build your front end.

For our roundup, we focused largely on traditional CMS platforms in the pursuit of user-friendliness. All the platforms we evaluated allow you to create, publish, and manage text, photos, and videos, and embed other content or features.

Other important factors we considered:

  • User management
  • Expandable feature sets and plugins
  • Themes

There are hundreds of different CMS platforms available across the web, and many of them provide very similar functionality. This roundup favors user-friendly platforms that are within the reach of the average web user. Our selections are based on the unique appeal of each platform.

Custom CMS : Custom CMS using PHP (front-user) Mysql (Back-end)  for making web based software Like (School Management , Attendance Management , Diary Management , HRMS , Project Management ETC … ) in a custom based CMS you can changed anything without any limitation of plugins and theme  for example please click bellow links .

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