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How to make Money Online from YouTube Channel

Anything that makes you confused, without thinking anymore, we approach directly to YouTube. YouTube has emerged one of the greatest platforms where you can find the answers to all your queries as well as you can improve your skills. In respect of this video platform, our society has a different opinion; some people say that it’s a place to find instructional videos, watch movie & music videos or to waste of time while another group of people thinks that is a major revenue source to generate money for their online business.

However, do you know PewDiePie is one of the highest-paid YouTube channels which made $12.9 million last year? If you are passionate & talented in representing others, it can be a great platform for you to make money only. Making money online with this amazing video platform can take some and effort, but indeed, you will get a fruitful result.

You can create videos based on your talent. For instance, if you are mechanic, teach online how to repair your vehicles, if you are a teacher, read the online particular subject, if you are homemaker, upload new recipes, upload new exercises over YouTube if you are a Gym trainer. There are lots of things you can do if have need a better quality camera or mobile. If you want to make more professional videos, use a DSLR camera and an external microphone.

When you finish the recording of videos, by using the free Windows movie maker you can customize your video. Don’t use copyrighted music; otherwise, your video won’t be eligible for YouTube advertising.

  1. Create your own YouTube channel: A YouTube account is the same as a Google account, create a YouTube account will give access to use the other Google products like Gmail and drive. Each YouTube account has connected to one channel.

Now add some appropriate keywords that help people find your channel. By using an advance section of your Channel setting you can add keywords. Your keywords should be matched to your video content. Your user name can also help to search you if you have unique and people can easy to remember.

  1. Add quality and informative content: Don’t upload any incomplete or complex content that worthless for the users. Content should be of high quality and able to engage the audience for a long time. Upload regularly and stay consistent with your audience. By using editing software make more appropriate your content. If you add content regular basis for your audience, maintain the schedule as much as possible.

Tag your video with appropriate keywords that express the content as well, content should be eye-catching description.

  1. Gain an audience: Success has no shortcuts that why only quality content can help you get more subscribers. Share your video over various social sites, platforms like Facebook, Twitter. Regularly interact with your viewers by responding to comments and answer their valid queries.

(A) Monetize your videos: Now you are ready to start earning money on your videos, allow YouTube to place ads in your videos. Your videos should not have any copyright material issues.

(B) Meet the requirements: For making money online on YouTube, you need 4000 watch hours in a single year and 1000 subscribers.

(C) Add Google AdSense: If you at least 18 years or older you have permission to create your account. Set up Google AdSense for free at the Adsense website. The complete sign-up process for your account, attach your account with PayPal or a bank account with a valid mailing address as well. You make money per ad click and a smaller amount per view.

(D) Use analytics: By using Google analytics you can monitor the performance. You can change the content when you find content is not attracting the users that you desire.

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